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From the beginning,  Baltic United specializes in producing fish and  seafood to HoReCa sector of the market.

Our offer includes many products that meet high quality requirements of chefs and owners of HoReCa  businesses.

We offer calibrated fillets portions, stakes and loins in standard weight along with a vast  range of weights preferred by the catering.

We also realize the storage capacity of restaurants and bars is limited therefore we offer smaller boxes from 2kg to 8kg. We are more than happy to fulfill any  individual, non-standard orders our clients may have.

In 2013, we created our HoReCa department to develop closer cooperation with this segment,  to satisfy the ever increasing needs of chefs. .

By raising our qualifications to support the catering sector we become more competitive and useful for our customers..

Species of fish for HoReCa that we offer  H&G, fillets, stakes and portions fresh or frozen:

Atlantic Cod, Baltic Cod, Capensis Hake, Flounder, Greenland Halibut, Haddock, Hake, Hoki, Kingklip, Nile Tilapia, Norwegian Salmon, Oilfish, Pacific Salmon, Panga, Redfish, Saithe, Seafood, Trout, Tuna



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